A self discovery guide for women of all ages. This book is my way of sharing tools to help you embrace and embody your energies and become more confident and self-assured.

Through Emgoddess, you’ll learn to identify and develop aspects of yourself to boost your sense of self. You will feel more secure, more valued, more positive, more confident in your abilities and decision-making and more resilient, better able to handle stresses and setbacks.

I love your work! I can’t even remember how I stumbled across your book, but since reading it has completely changed the way I view my body, emotions and cycle. I have since been sharing your work with friends as well. I think everyone I know is responding really well to the info!

Emily B

I was so excited when I recently went into Perfect Potion and found your book. Congratulations on completing it. I purchased it for my teenage daughter and she is really excited about reading it. She has drawn up her chart tonight and colouring is starting to happen

Jodie N