Hi I’m Sharon,

I’m the founder of Emgoddess. I coach and mentor elite aspiring athletes, and young female leaders how to use their cycle to improve performance, confidence, mindset, connection and relationships. I write books, produce products, build programs and create tools that work for you

Although I’m science based, I’m real and intuitive and I genuinely want you to get results.

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Private and group training

For aspiring elite athletes and leaders

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4 Weeks 2 Wellness
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My Sport Edge
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The Empowerment Cycle
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What people say about Sharon

Sharon is a truly enigmatic and vibrant speaker who captivated our girls around the subject of menstruation!

Year 10 Teacher, Brisbane Private School

Why am I close to 50 years old and just hearing about this now? This information would have been so valuable in my twenties!

Rachel K

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How Your Cycle Impacts Your Style

How many times have you stood in front of your cupboard and thrown your hands up in dismay because in amongst all that fabric you have “nothing to wear”?  Or pulled out that sexy outfit that you looked SO hot in last week, only to put it on and it looks ridiculous. It...

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Preparing for the Silly Season of Parties

When I say ‘Christmas parties!’ does it conjure up joyful and playful images and gets you a little excited? Or do you want to lock your door and pretend you didn’t get the invite? Well, the truth is, depending on where you are in your cycle will influence your...

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