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I’m the founder of Emgoddess. I coach and mentor elite aspiring athletes, and young female leaders how to use their cycle to improve performance, confidence, mindset, connection and relationships. I write books, produce products, build programs and create tools that work for you

Although I’m science based, I’m real and intuitive and I genuinely want you to get results.

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What people say about Sharon

Sharon is a truly enigmatic and vibrant speaker who captivated our girls around the subject of menstruation!

Year 10 Teacher, Brisbane Private School

Why am I close to 50 years old and just hearing about this now? This information would have been so valuable in my twenties!

Rachel K

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When You Rush Yourself in Daphne.

Last week, I effectively DELETED MY ENTIRE DATABASE. Yep, my ENTIRE DATABASE. 11,000 + people, gone, completely, forever! Now anyone is small business may understand how hard it is to develop a database of any size, but to lose 11,000 people – and be left with ZERO,...

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When did the shame start?

Recently someone asked me about how I got into this work (the work of talking passionately about the amazing benefits of the menstrual cycle that is), and what my first experience of periods was for me. Truthfully? It was awful. I remember being around 15 when I got...

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Yoga and Your Menstrual Cycle

If you follow Emgoddess you will see how we continually share how the menstrual cycle impacts so much of our lives. Our emotions, moods, physical changes, even the clothing styles we choose. But it also impacts our ability to achieve different levels of fitness in our...

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