How to Chart Workshop



Are you ready to USE the most powerful tool in your body?

I have witnessed so many people, including me, dramatically change self perception, attitudes, even increase self esteem all through understanding their cycle.

Your menstrual cycle when used as a tool can guide you to better decision making, better choices and timing in your month and stronger and deeper relationships.

As a result, life gets pretty cool! 

Do you ever…

  • Wonder why you feel great some days and terrible others?
  • Feel like you can take on the world some times and yet other days every little thing seems too much?
  • Feel awesome in an outfit one week and then the VERY next week, put the SAME outfit on and want to rip it off in tears?

You are the same extraordinary person, you are just in a different phase of your cycle and your body is working on it’s own path.

What you get in the How to Chart workshop

  • A step by step instruction to how to set up and fill in your chart
  • A guide on what to chart
  • An understanding of the importance to charting and how it can benefit your life
  • $5.00 OFF the Emgoddess charting calendar!


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