The Empowerment Cycle – small groups

There is no need to feel negative about yourself or your body, get frustrated about mood swings or be ashamed of your menstrual cycle!

Instead, you can use it to your benefit. You can ask yourself: What phase am I in today, what are the strengths at this time of my cycle? How can I use this information to enhance my relationships or do better in my business or solve a problem. Maybe it’s a good time to address an issue or maybe reflect and think over it, rather than jump in?
Our cycle is a gift. I know some days it may not feel like one, but most days it is. Each phase has a little tip, it has a strength and if you understand it, you can use this internal guide to make decisions that can truly enhance your health and well-being.

This course teaches you everything you need to know about what happens in your body throughout your cycle and how that impacts your everyday life. It helps you develop a positive attitude towards your body and your emotions by finding the right answers to your body’s needs. Whether it is a certain type of food, a relaxing day on the couch or a fun night with your friends – you will see how at the right time of the month, they are just what makes you feel better.

By taking the course, you will develop a stronger self-awareness and build up your self-esteem for a life full of energy, confidence and joy. The practical steps of charting taught in the course will ensure your new found knowledge can be implemented in your daily life.

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