Athletes Coaching Program. Unlock the most powerful tool you own.

Have you thought about the benefits of working with a Menstrual Cycle Coach while training?

I have worked with hundreds of athlete women to show them how to embrace their menstrual cycle to give them more strength to achieve their athletic goals.

I teach women how to understand the four phases and use this to smash their previous records. 

When women are given support to step into their power with impact, authenticity and presence, everyone wins.

This 3-hour workshop, The Empowerment Cycle is a transformative program that has been delivered to athletic women all over Australia. Inclusive and interactive, participants learn how to own understand the power of their cycle, how to tap into their strengths and use this information to accelerate their athletic careers.

Athletes Coaching Program

What you will learn:

So, you are an athlete; you could be at the beginning of your athletic journey and want to use the benefits of your cycle to get results. Maybe you are well into your athletic grove and realise this menstrual cycle thing is not going away and would like to see how it can help you instead of hindering you. Or maybe you are a coach or administrator in your sport wanting to get the best out of your girls.

This online program is designed to show you how to get results you want by merely working WITH your body instead of AGAINST it.

And you are not the first athlete to look at this.

Research from other sporting teams around the world, including here in Australia, shows how the menstrual cycle can impact on performance, player health and injury risk.


This is not a fertility program, or to be used instead of health advice from your professional