Each month we experience highs and lows, joy and sadness, vitality and lethargy. Charting involves recording your moods, emotions, energy levels, dreams, clothing, makeup, sensitivities, food preferences, friends you gravitate to, general health and attitudes on a day to day basis in a pie chart, using words, pictures and colours. The chart provides insights into your cycle and allows you to better plan your month. Through this process, you learn to read your body in a new respectful way: you know when you are best able to take on new projects and when your body needs rest.

I have been learning to chart now for a few months and I really wanted to thank you. I have started to learn new things about me that I would have never ever realised but through this process I am discovering bits about me. thank you, what a gift.

Naomi J

I love your work! I can’t even remember how I stumbled across your book, but since reading it has completely changed the way I view my body, emotions and cycle. I have since been sharing your work with friends as well. Everyone I know is responding well to the info!

Emily B