Emgoddess is about understanding and embracing the hormonal changes in your body, and using them to benefit your everyday.

Have you ever wondered why sometimes in the month you feel like you could achieve anything, yet only a handful of days later you are lost and lacking motivation?

You haven’t changed – the only thing that has changed is where you are in your cycle.

Take the quiz and find out which goddess phase you are in today!


Which Goddess Phase Are You?

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1. If I asked my friends to describe my mood today, they would say I was...
2. Today I feel like wearing something...
3. I might be described as...
4. The lipstick I chose to wear today is
5. The shoes I am wearing are
6. If I were to pick a colour that I feel today it would be
7. The type of underwear I am wearing today is...
8. The exercise I most feel like today is
9. This afternoon my choice would be to
10. Today I would most enjoy the smell of