The Empowerment Cycle is a course that will give you the skills and tools to take control of your life

What to expect…

Unlock the most powerful tool you own

Have you thought about the benefits of working with a Menstrual Cycle Coach?

I have worked with hundreds of women to show them how to embrace the most insightful internal tool they have. Your menstrual cycle can give you the strength to achieve more in your life, no matter what day you are in your cycle. I teach women how to understand the four phases and see what they look like for you. Then embrace the phases and USE them to make better choices to support your body.

When women are given support to step into their power with impact, authenticity and presence, everyone wins. You create a space and a culture to ensure your team are working with their strengths each day.

This 3-hour workshop, The Empowerment Cycle is a transformative program that has been delivered to women in a number of companies. Inclusive and interactive, participants learn how to own understand the power of their cycle, how to tap into their strengths and use this information to build confidence, develop relationships, rise above barriers, and accelerate their careers.

What you’ll achieve

Be calm – reduce stress and anxiety

Improve your creativity

Develop better communication skills

Have more open, honest relationships

Improve your mental and physical health

Connect with your body and its natural rhythm

Understand who you are

Learn when to go for it, when to take a rest

When to take risks and push the boundaries

Take control of your life

Understand the mysteries of your body & be ready for life!

Build self-awareness and self-esteem by understanding your body better Learn tools and tips on how to get the most out of each phase of your cycle

Learn the four phases of your cycle and how they impact your every day Use the charting template that helps you understand your body

Develop a positive and empowering language you can use around communicating within your cycle Identify what the 4 phases look like for you

Understand the physical processes in your body and how they impact every aspect of your life React appropriately to your physical and emotional needs by what you eat and what you do