Online Empowerment Course

Online Sessions: The Empowerment Cycle
Suitable for: 11 years +

Online resource – work at your own pace

  • 5 learning sessions
  • Downloadable notes
  • Check in with Sharon


Sessions with Sharon
Suitable for: All women

  • 3 x hour session with Sharon
  • Comprehensive notes and Emgoddess folder
  • Emgoddess book
  • Emgoddess essential oils
  • Colouring in pencils and storage folder

Face-to-face coaching is available in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. In all other locations, coaching is delivered via the Internet (on Skype)



Atheletes: The Empowerment Cycle
Suitable for: Emerging Athletes

In person

  • 3 hour workshop
  • Q&A Session


Community Sessions: Introduction to The Empowerment Cycle.        Suitable for: All Women Group size: Between 10 and 25 attendees     Includes:

  • 45 min workshop
  • Q&A Session


Download: Dad’s and daughters

This ebook is designed to give you a little background of what is happening for her and how you can support her better – and hopefully come out unscathed.

Download: The chart

Recording your cycle is beneficial in many ways.  Understand how your cycle impacts every aspect of your life – no matter where you are in your cycle.

Download: Emgoddess book

A self discovery guide. This book is my way of sharing tools to help you embrace and embody your energies and become more confident and self-assured.