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Hi I’m Sharon, I’m the founder of Emgoddess. I coach and mentor women of all ages, whether you are an elite aspiring athlete, a young female leader or transitioning into menopause on how to use your cycle to improve performance, confidence, mindset, connection and relationships. I write books, produce products, build programs and create tools that work for you.  Although I’m science-based, I’m real and intuitive and I genuinely want you to get results.

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The Empowerment Cycle is about creating a movement for women to discovering the power of the menstrual cycle, how it is connected to everything and how to use it to get great results in all aspects of their life.
Women have a powerful internal tool.

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What people say about Sharon

Sharon is a truly enigmatic and vibrant speaker who captivated our girls around the subject of menstruation!

Year 10 Teacher, Brisbane Private School

Why am I close to 50 years old and just hearing about this now? This information would have been so valuable in my twenties!

Rachel K

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Do you tap into your Peak Performance Tool?

No? Well, you should! Your cycle gives you so much power and knowledge, It's like your very own inbuilt Peak Performance tool!  And to be honest, if you aren't already using it, you are a little behind quite frankly 🙂 Top performance teams from around the world are...

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How your cycle impacts relationships

Have you ever wondered why sometimes you seem to connect to your partner or others around you, then at other times you feel like you must be speaking a different language? Our menstrual cycle impacts so much about our lives, it impacts our emotions, our physical...

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Love My Cycle

As a younger person, I NEVER spoke about my menstrual cycle. I had close friends, and we NEVER spoke about it. I played sport with friends, and we NEVER spoke about it. I worked with lovely women, and we NEVER spoke about it. We just NEVER talked about our periods or...

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