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What is Emgoddess?

Emgoddess offers training, mentorship and coaching to young women in an effort to provide women with the tools they need to thrive throughout their cycle.  Learn the secrets to unlocking the most powerful internal tool you have: How to embrace your natural rhythm and become intuitive to your emotional, physical and social needs throughout your menstrual cycle.

What we do

Online Course:
The Empowerment Cycle

An online course that will give you the skills and tools to take control of your life

For daughters

In School Sessions:
For teenage students

For Dads and Daughters

What people say about Emgoddess

Sharon is a truly enigmatic and vibrant speaker who captivated our girls around the subject of menstruation!

Year 10 Teacher, Brisbane Private School

Why am I close to 50 years old and just hearing about this now? This information would have been so valuable in my twenties!

Rachel K

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Join Elite Athletes in Tracking Your Cycle

So, you are an athlete; you could be at the beginning of your athletic journey and want to use the benefits of your cycle to get results. Maybe you are well into your athletic grove and realise this menstrual cycle thing is not going away and would like to see how it...

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Lava Lamp Living

So recently I was feeling overwhelmed. When I was charting I was seeing patterns of feeling overwhelmed with the amount I had on, how out of control some elements of my life are, and how some days I can feel more at peace with it than other days. Where I am in my...

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