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“Stigma around menstruation and menstrual hygiene is a violation of several human rights, most importantly of the right to human dignity” 

Jyoti Sanghera, Chief at the UN Human Rights Office.

It’s time to overcome the stigma around menstruation and start having easy conversations around how understanding our bodies can not only be of benefit but can actually change the way you view your world.

Emgoddess is an innovative, online, published resource designed to empower all girls and women. It is a resource that explains the different phases experienced throughout a female’s menstrual cycle, with details on the positive strengths associated with each phases. Emgoddess is designed to build understanding and boost self-esteem, allowing females to connect with their own mind and body’s inner workings, and that of their friends and family.

82% of girls show an increase in understanding their body after completing ‘The Empowerment Cycle’ Workshop.

Before the workshop 53% of participants felt they had a negative attitude toward their cycle, after completion 94% showed a positive feeling towards their menstrual cycle.


Online Course: The Empowerment Cycle

The Empowerment Cycle Program is a program created by Emgoddess. Founded on the belief that harnessing education and understanding of the menstrual cycle can profoundly change this experience for young women. This online program supports women and helps them to embrace their natural rhythm of life and become intuitive to their emotional, physical and social needs throughout their menstrual cycle. The menstrual cycle is more than ‘periods’. The biochemical changes that happen throughout each month impact our girl’s ability to concentrate, effectiveness to complete tasks, athletic ability, even risk behaviours.

The menstrual has four clear phases, each phase has qualities to enhance performance depending on the situation. Understanding this information helps to boost self-esteem, increase positive decision making and achieving better results in your life.

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