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Are you open to using the most powerful tool in your body to help you achieve more in your every day life? To go with the natural flow of your body and build self-confidence with every cycle?

Time to shine…

Step into the best version of you. 

Time to know your flow. 

Our bodies are truly amazing and we have this ONE incredible and powerful tool that shows us when to take on the world, when to shine in the light and when to rest and reflect. A tool that when truly harnessed can allow you to achieve amazing results in your life.

Not convinced, well over the years I have worked with CEO’s, sporting athletes, and beautiful young women all to embrace the power of their menstrual cycle and use it in a positive way.

And it’s so easy, one course, once – and then you have this information for life.

What people say about Sharon.

Sharon is a truly enigmatic and vibrant speaker who captivated our staff around the subject of menstruation!

Brendon L

Why am I close to 50 yrs old and just hearing about this now? This info would have been so valuable in my twenties! 

Rachel K

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My experience using sustainable menstrual products.

Growing up in the 80’s in a small Australian town, I believe my experience around menstruation was a common one. Menstruation, a natural part of life, was anything but openly discussed in our tight-knit community. Instead, it was obscured behind a wall of euphemisms...

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Are you impacted by menstrual stigma?

I had to think about this myself? My fascination for the menstrual cycle was quite accidental. It was while studying Aromatherapy in the UK that I stumbled across the notion of menstrual cycle awareness. As a young person with low self-esteem, this discovery was life...

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Why I cannot live without Frankincense

This essential oil is never far from me in the days leading up to my period and throughout menstruation. For me, Frankincense helps to support me in a physical and emotional way. Physically, Frankincense helps to slow me down, I feel calmer and relaxed. It is often...

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