Emgoddess Meditations

In a world of daily stress, anxieties and expectation, the human mind can often come under a lot of pressure which directly affects our mood, making us less positive and somewhat disconnected from ourselves.

Meditation has a profound, rich and calming effect on the body and is said to clear our minds and advocate feelings of peace and a sense of awareness. It is a chance to tap into an abundance of creative energy that is said to give a more meaningful experience of life that will enrich us permanently.

Use these four meditations, in conjunction with the Emgoddess essential oil blends to emerge in whatever phase you are in. Embody the energy of the phase and allow yourself to reconnect with your body and how you want to feel.

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Meet your meditation coach – Erin Ashley

Erin Ashley is a premier Mindfulness, Yoga & Meditation Teacher, who supports people from around the world to live their life on purpose & with peace.

Trained in Mindfulness/Attention Training, Cultivating Emotional Balance, Meditation, Energy Healing work, & numerous forms of Yoga & Meditation, Erin’s sell-out live & online “Transforming Stress Into Peace” and “Find Your Fire” (co-hosted with husband and world-leading Success Coach Kurek Ashley) programs have helped thousands of people reconnect with their authentic & empowered selves again.