Get results you want by merely working
WITH your body instead of AGAINST it.

What is My Sport Edge?
Giving you the skills and tools
to take control of your life.

What is My Sport Edge?

So, you are an athlete; you could be at the beginning of your athletic journey and want to use the benefits of your cycle to get results. Maybe you are well into your athletic grove and realise this menstrual cycle thing is not going away and would like to see how it can help you instead of hindering you. Or maybe you are a coach or administrator in your sport wanting to get the best out of your girls.

This online program is designed to show you how to get results you want by merely working WITH your body instead of AGAINST it.

And you are not the first athlete to look at this.

Research from other sporting teams around the world, including here in Australia, shows how the menstrual cycle can impact on performance, player health and injury risk.

Time to get started and get My Sport Edge

Sporting Clubs

We know it’s hard work supporting your athletes AND raising money for your not for profit club. We have worked with many clubs over the years and there is ONE familiar theme, they want to provide their girls with the best support to be the best version of themselves, on and off the field.

My Sport Edge is about supporting your female athletes, providing them with some simple tools to learn how to harness the power of the menstrual cycle to get great results in life.

And My Sport Edge wants to support you too. So for EVERY registration that comes from your club, we will give you 10% back to your club as a donation.

Simply register your club below and you will be set up with a unique code. Give this code to your members and when they register using this code, you will be identified. At the end of each month, you will receive the donation.

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