This essential oil is never far from me in the days leading up to my period and throughout menstruation. For me, Frankincense helps to support me in a physical and emotional way. Physically, Frankincense helps to slow me down, I feel calmer and relaxed. It is often used in meditation and other mindfulness techniques as it helps to calm a busy mind and removes the internal chatter inside one’s busy mind.

When I visualise what Frankincense would look like as a Goddess energy, she would be wise, calm and serene. Offering knowledge and kindness to those around her, and yet she has a strong, protective side to her.

I like to use this oil in the days surrounding menstruation. Menstruation is a time when I like to sit and reflect. I look back over the past month, when I use Frankincense in a diffuser it helps me reconnect with my body, deepen my breathing and yet it elevates me and lightens my approach to life.

Over the years I have used Frankincense in blends to help release past thoughts and protect me from negative energy around me. To do this, I would make a blend of Frankincense, Juniper, Lavender and Sweet Orange in a spray bottle with some essential oil solubiliser and water and spray it around me and the room. The aroma is fantastic and I always felt calm and protected.