A number of people ask can they wear the oils directly on their skin as a perfume. Pure essential oils react differently for people, some people may have skin sensitivities and certain oils can react for them.

Personally, as an aromatherapist I prefer to dilute my oils – it’s safer and they last longer, as you are not wasting pure essential oils.

Here is one simple way of creating your own perfume oil using your favourite Emgoddess essential oil blend.

  • Choose the Emgoddess essential oil blend you wish to wear as a perfume. I have made each of them up so I can use them to support me depending on what cycle I am in.
  • Take your empty roller ball (available at emgoddess.com.au) and fill with your base oil, leaving some room for essential oils. Base oils can be sweet almond oil, jojoba oil, apricot kernel oil or rosehip oil to name a few.
  • Add 12 drops of your Emgoddess oil, choose only one essential oil blend e.g. Hecate, Persephone, Daphne or Demeter. Ideally do not mix the blends.
  • Push the rollerball lid onto the bottle and pop the lid on top.
  • Write up your label so you know what is in your bottle for easy use. I always pop down how many drops I put in, what base oil I use and the date I made up the blend.