No? Well, you should!

Your cycle gives you so much power and knowledge, It’s like your very own inbuilt Peak Performance tool! 

And to be honest, if you aren’t already using it, you are a little behind quite frankly 🙂

Top performance teams from around the world are consulting with cycling coaches like me to help them understand the power of their cycles to improve their results.

it doesn’t matter whether you are looking to improve your sporting performance, leadership qualities or just feel better in your own skin. This program helps you identify and develop your self-understanding and take it to the next level of self-mastery.

My online programs step you through each phase, how to chart, what to chart and then you upload your charts and I give you support and feedback.

So you get all the information and access to me as your ‘Peak Performance Coach’ – sounds pretty impressive to me!

I was talking to one of the most successful coaches recently. He is a good friend of my partners and he was asking me to explain what I do. I told him I teach women how to use their cycle as a performance tool, I told him how we have an internal tool that tells us when we are able to work tirelessly when we are most likely to get better results (research-based!!), when we are more influential, strategic, logical thinkers, even higher risk-takers.

Do you know HIS response? 

“Do I have this?”
“This is awesome, HOW DO I GET THIS?”

A man….WANTS a menstrual cycle so he could have access to this information!  Yet, as women, we not only dismiss it, we deliberately IGNORE our cycle! CRAZY stuff!!!

Learn how to use this information to have improved your results in your life, TODAY.