Have you ever noticed a change in your risk appetite throughout your cycle? You may be surprised to hear that your risk appetite can increase and decrease depending on where you are in your menstrual cycle.
Who cares, do I hear you say?
Well, your ability to control your risk appetite can impact lots of things in your world, whether it’s spending money, making decisions in your work or business, pushing your body outside its limits or taking a chance of that love you want to pursue…
In a piece of research conducted in the US a few years ago, they gave 50 women $50 and took them to the casino. The women who were around ovulation blew the money the quickest. The women who were around or in menstruation were the slowest to do the cash.
When we are ovulating our bodies are geared to take more risks. When you think about it it makes sense. We are programmed to fall pregnant at this time (whether we want to or not) and so our body encourages in a number of ways. Our self-esteem is better, we feel good about ourselves generally in this phase, we have more stamina – we are determined and less likely to give up, we are flirtatious and manipulative. We have a one-tracked mind if you like.
Being aware of this allows you to monitor and support yourself through this phase, Taking actions to connect into your network, giving yourself some guidelines and even taking yourself off to be pampered rather than out into the world.
Understanding your cycle is also about noticing when you are NOT willing to take a risk, understanding that when you are around menstruation, don’t put pressure on yourself to make big decisions, ones that need you to take a risk, as it’s not a natural strength in this phase of your cycle.
This information is powerful and really helpful.
It gives insight and therefore power in your world.