I am a part of a silent epidemic, the largest growing group of alcoholics according to a recent Australian study. Middle-aged women drink more alcohol than any other age group, according to a Queensland University of Technology researcher who is now working to find out why.

It reported 13 per cent of women aged 45 to 59 are drinking an average of more than two glasses of wine at night, which could be placing them at risk of serious illness. The aim of this particular study was to find out why more middle-aged women are turning to the bottle.

“We’re hoping to understand a bit more about what’s going on for this particular group of drinkers and why it is they tend to turn to alcohol in this sort of way,”

Sorry…. what?

Why do you think!

Look around at women of this age group and generally what will you see? Most women I know in this age bracket:
• Are busy, they are usually working full-time, or close too,
• Many are running their own business
• Majority are mothers of busy teenage children
• They are often the primary carer at home
• Cook most dinners
• Do much of the housework
• Juggle the family’s social calendar
• Exercise daily

Seriously, are you still curious to know why this group drink?
But many women, like me, want to adjust their drinking, and in my case, I just wanted to give up completely. I had been drinking for many years and although there was a time when it was great fun, lately it had become just a very bad habit.

I had tried to give up on a number of occasions before, and after attending a weekend retreat I decided enough was enough. So I took out a chart and started.

I marked up my chart as usual, with dates and days. I popped the moon cycle in and then I used the chart purely for emotions and cravings.

I charted how I felt each day, which days I craved more, which days I felt empowered by my decision, I charted my physical changes and even some of the social occasions I was dealing with.

It became evident I had a pattern of craving. I was able to identify quickly when I needed to tap into some support around me, and when I could approach it with a healthy attitude.

After 2 years I am still sober and LOVING it. I am grateful for who I have become throughout this journey.

Charting can assist you in giving something up, or taking something on. I’d love to help you to learn the power of your cycle and how you can use it to achieve something great in your world.

Learn how to use this information to have improved your results in your life and to build strong self-esteem. Work with me today.

With love,
Sharon Wood