I LOVE food. 

It’s a constant love in my life. Sometimes throughout the month I could eat all day, like really, all day. Yet other times when my appetite really seems like it has all but disappeared. This constant up and down in my food and how it works for me, once gave me increased anxiety and frustration.

However, over the years, through charting, I have been able to identify times of the month when I am craving more food compared to times when my body is happy with less.

How does this help you? 

Well for me as I move into perimenopause this has been truly helpful. I have become more aware of the times where I need to increase my protein intake to help salsify my appetite and help curb the cravings. This information allows me to prepare better and reach out to others for support and motivation. Whereas there are other times where the desires are more manageable and less of a concern. This knowledge makes me feel more in control of my body and what it needs. 

How you can do this too. 

If you want to start understanding your body and the way food desires change, you can start by simply charting your cycle. Download a free chart from the website and mark up the days of your cycle and then you can start. 

Pop the chart and some coloured pencils and a pen by your bed and each night you can simply take a moment to reflect upon your day and your food cravings, desires and appetite. 

This can help you to to really understand your body, gives the control back to you and the power to make changes. 

Pretty cool really.