Have you ever wondered why sometimes you seem to connect to your partner or others around you, then at other times you feel like you must be speaking a different language?

Our menstrual cycle impacts so much about our lives, it impacts our emotions, our physical changes, it can even impact our clothing and makeup choices, but it also can impact how we connect with ourselves and others.

I discovered this as a younger woman, I wondered why I felt SO differently throughout the month. When I started to chart I realised the changes that are happening inside me.

Daphne gives me the power to enjoy my independence, I feel strong, happy, positive and busy! I want to do more, see more, get more. I want to laugh, run, enjoy life. My relationships are fun and joyful. I love being around others, but I also really quite enjoy my own company, I am a bit ‘take me or leave me’ I really don’t mind. This phase allows me to get stuff done and get out there, and if you want to join me great, if not, your loss.

Demeter is my phase of deep love and connection. This phase is around ovulation and you can see why. I find myself attracted and attractive to others. People are drawn to me like a bee to a honey pot. And what a honey pot I am. I am confident, happy, connected, compassionate, and deeply loving. I will be there with you and for you. All while I am filling my cup to the brim of love and happiness. This is a time I just enjoy people, no matter who you are.

As I move into Persephone my mood changes slightly. I start to have shorter patience with others, finding irritations in things the previous phase didn’t seem to bother me. I can be harsh, and even a little feisty. But I am deeply passionate and indulgent. My partner can be intimidated by my force. I am a power not to be reckoned with. I learnt that this phase I allow myself some space to be creative whatever that may be. This phase is a time where I allow myself space.

When I come into my Hecate I have learnt to be calm. A phase that once left me exhausted and flat, I now use it to connect deeper to me and my partner. I find this phase, even though it is a time of menstruation, I want to connect, I want to be heard. Loved. Nurtured.

Over the years of charting, I have identified these changes in my cycle and how they impact the relationships around me. Charting has allowed me to build strength in each phase, be kind to myself when I would have normally been a harsh inner critic. I have embraced the ebb and flow and brought this into my life.

Join me in The Empowerment Cycle, and learn how to use your menstrual cycle awareness to transform your wellbeing, self-esteem, focus, creativity, confidence, spiritual connection, sexuality, relationship and more.