How many times have you stood in front of your cupboard and thrown your hands up in dismay because in amongst all that fabric you have “nothing to wear”?  Or pulled out that sexy outfit that you looked SO hot in last week, only to put it on and it looks ridiculous. It is because we go through four phases each month. These phases are linked with our menstrual cycle and they impact everything about our life. It impacts our relationship with others and ourselves, it impacts our energy levels, our moods and emotions and our physical health.

It also impacts our style!

So it can help to explain why you feel the way you do about outfits at different times of the month. Clothing is a powerful way of sending messages, you can “dress for success”, or “dressed to kill”. Grrrrr!

Wearing different colours and clothes during each phase of the four phases is a symbolic act, expressing your inner experience. We can wear different styles of clothing throughout the month and this is sometimes more than just coincidental.  It can be the phase you are within.

We tend to wear different styles at different times of the month depending on how we feel, what activities we are doing and how much socialising.  Our clothing choice may be at times limited, for example having to wear a uniform, but we can still express our individuality and by adding personal splashes.

During your cycle there are different energies.  These energies, I have discovered are much like goddesses.

The goddesses interact in four distinct phases of your cycle and influence things such as physical energy, emotional strength, health, moods, dreams, foods you crave and activities you involve yourself in.  They also have a strong influence on your relationships, with yourself, your partner and others.  Of course, this is an expressive way… your clothing.

Clothing is a wonderful way to express the Goddess energy.  Some days we reach for the sexy, red lingerie and others the frilly, virgin-like white knickers, so is the influence of your cycle.  Subtle forces guiding an expression of your sensual self.   This workshop is designed to tap into and discover the four different energies we move through each month.

Through clothes, you can become aware of where you are in your cycle and allow yourself to enjoy and play within your goddess energies.

Clothing can be anything from what you wear to the underwear not many people see.  It also includes the jewellery adorning your body, your choice in makeup and the fragrance you dab behind your ear.  In choosing clothes, hairstyles, make-up and jewellery, you are reflecting and expressing these energies in image, colour and shape.  Altering your clothing throughout your cycle reinforces the qualities of each phase within you.

The benefits of using your clothing to express the energetic phases are:

  • You can cut yourself some slack, not giving yourself so much grief when you have nothing to wear or doesn’t fall just so.
  • Dress appropriately in accordance with your energy level
  • A way of outwardly expressing your inner desires and impulses
  • Enjoying and exploring your wardrobe, making the most of all the purchases you have made
  • Have a bit of fun with accessories and shoes!


The phases are sometimes subtle, sometimes not-so-subtle.  You will find yourself in the grip of needing to wear that low cut, figure hugging top that last week seemed inappropriate.  But this week, you are pouring out the top, flirting with all and sundry, attracting all the attention that you didn’t even want last week.

The energies themselves have appeared throughout folklore and legend.

Once you know the energies, a fun exercise is to go through magazines and cut out images of the four phases.  Go through your cupboard and identify some pieces you could wear at different phases.

The four styles to unleash your Goddess.

Phase Daphne – the last couple of days of bleeding/ spotting to ovulation.

Phase Demeter – the few days surrounding ovulation, generally a shorter phase than others.

Phase Persephone – a day or two after ovulation until 3 – 4 days before menstruation

Phase Hecate – 2 to 3 days before and the duration of menstruation.

Phase Daphne

Carefree, fun-loving, playful, outdoorsy, sporty, confident, independent, fresh, innocently flirtatious, girly, self-assured, energetic, flexible, white, frilly.

What to wear: more likely to be younger styles of clothing, brighter colours, and as you are feeling lighter, tighter a more sensual styles will be suitable.  You could be drawn to trousers and jeans, giving you more movement and flexibility.

Wear white if you like, sexy virgin underwear even, (with plenty of white lace).  More outgoing, fun-loving and flirtatious.  The emphasis will be on fun rather than overt seduction.  Your sexuality is new and fun-loving, so express it in your hairstyle, clothing and jewellery.  Quite “selfish” in a way.

Phase Demeter

Motherly, nurturing, harmonious, spiritual, loving, selfless, caring, strength, radiating, content, wholeness, natural, feminine, nourishing, people magnet, self-worth, the divine, compassion, love.

What to wear: floral natural fibre skirt, practical yet feminine looking clothing e.g sensible heel, stylish, yet feminine. Natural fibre shoes, a carry all handbag containing painkillers and extra pen.  Clothing may express nature or earth mother themes, in their styles and colour, flowing ethnic colours, natural dyes, floral or summer patterns.  Use green or red to symbolise the life in energies flowing through you.

Phase Persephone

Seductive, raw, tempting, overwhelming, enchanting, bewitching, manipulative, magical, powerful, primal, intimidating, unpredictable, witchy, intuitive.

What to wear: Deep reds, rich purples, low cut tops, leopard print, eye catching styles, fabrics that drape and cling to your curves, naughty and fun underwear, shear fabrics giving a hint of what is underneath…., red lipstick, sultry eye make.

Phase Hecate

Dark, inward, comfortable, red, black, powerful, withdrawn, spiritual, meditative.

What to wear: Comfortable, terry towelling, tracksuit pants, old faithfulls, long flowing skirts, slippers, Bridget Jones Big Mumma undies, sloppy Joe, simple make up, hair tied back in a pony tail. Red to signify bleeding, purple to represent a more spiritual feeling.

In an extreme, you may feel you wear the same style all of the time.  You may be stuck in one energy – throwing the others out of balance… or not.

You would need to understand the energies deeper they have and understanding of the other aspects of each phase before you would convince yourself of being “stuck” in a phase.

We all wear different styles of clothing throughout the month and this is sometimes more than just co-incidental.  It can be the phase you are within.  This is mainly to have fun and to understand:  What other things you may be going through.

We tend to wear different styles at different times depending on how we are feeling and what activities we are doing, how much socialising and with whom.

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