So recently I was feeling overwhelmed. When I was charting I was seeing patterns of feeling overwhelmed with the amount I had on, how out of control some elements of my life are, and how some days I can feel more at peace with it than other days.

Where I am in my cycle has a huge amount of influence in this, for sure. In my Daphne phase I was overwhelmed as I really had a lot of energy and some days didn’t know where to start! Demeter overwhelm, was a phase where I wanted to be everything to everyone (and ended up feeling like crap at the end of each day), Persephone overwhelm was good for no-one, it’s amazing anyone survived the week, and my Hecate overwhelm was sheer exhaustion.

Regardless of where I am in my cycle, the overwhelm still existed. Charting allowed me to identify it, acknowledge it and move through.

I went to see a friend and we chatted about this overwhelm and how it seems to exist no matter where I was in my cycle. I could manage it better in different phases, but it still existed.

I imagine there are many women like me, women who are working, running their own business, mothers, home creators, who want to have peace and calm in their life. With the help of my friend I recognised, my life resembles a lava lamp.

Floating in a contained space (which in this case is my body) is a multitude of things going on. I have family and they take a huge part of my life (and I love this BTW), then this shrinks sometimes and allows a larger bubble of my work and clinic work to appear (another part I adore), then this shrinks to bring up a bubble of golf, this is a smaller bubble, but it still exists in me. Then another sized bubble appears and overtakes the existing one, and this one is meditation.

Have I completely lost you?

What I am getting at that is, inside me, there is a lot going on, and when I go with the flow of the Lava Lamp and allow pieces to grow and shrink as they need, my life is more peaceful, more naturally flowing. I am still all of the bubbles, every bubble exists inside me and I love it, and it’s ok that they change in size and focus.

Charting allowed me to see overwhelm in my life and then I was able to spend time with someone to get some peace around it. I now feel calm and peaceful around what is happening, the overwhelm is still there, life it busy, but I acknowledge it and see the overwhelm in a different way… here is to “Lava Lamp Living”!