As a younger person, I NEVER spoke about my menstrual cycle.

I had close friends, and we NEVER spoke about it.

I played sport with friends, and we NEVER spoke about it.

I worked with lovely women, and we NEVER spoke about it.

We just NEVER talked about our periods or anything about how our menstrual cycle impacted our lives.

and therefore growing up, I never really realised that it did impact me – well other than negatively when you had PMS and or your actual period.

So I grew up having no idea or relationship with my body and the power that lies within it.

When I discovered my Empowerment Cycle, I saw how it could be such a powerful tool. This new-found knowledge built my self-esteem, it gave me a new approach to my body, and opened my eyes to new aspects and new conversations with myself, all by understanding my cycle.

Over a short ‘period’ of time, I could see the changes in me. I started to embrace the power of my cycle. I dressed deliberately to suit the phase of the cycle I was in, being more aware to wear natural fabrics and feminine styles around ovulation while in Demeter, being more creative and daring in Persephone my luteal phase and sticking to neutral tones while menstruating in Hecate.

I began to chart with the intention to discover every part of me, when I was feeling up, down, sensual, cold, energetic or lethargic and used this information to drive my actions in my work and in my relationships.

And I started to see results.

There are times when I am able to kick goals, like serious goals. Just by using the strengths and focus of my Daphne phase. I moved into to deeper, more sensual relationships with my partner and myself during Demeter, I tapped into the creative power of Persphone to produce new ideas, and inspire me to greater heights. And I allowed my body to rest, connect and release what didn’t serve me anymore in Hecate, while in menstruation.

What came to the forefront of this exercise, is me.

Acknowledging the light and shade that comes throughout the month, and tapping into the strengths allowed me to flow and be kind to not only others, but to me.

Understanding your menstrual cycle is this power. It really should not be underestimated, as it can lift and support you like an in super power would do.

And you already have it, you just need to discover it. Join me in The Empowerment Cycle to embrace, emerge, embody and empower yourself to be the best version of yourself.

Much love.