You may not realise this but throughout the month your makeup style changes depending where you are in your cycle. 

When I started to chart I lived with a friend, and I could tell by her dress and makeup EXACTLY what phase of her cycle she was in. 

In Daphne, she would come out in flat shoes, sporty clothing and the most natural, yet soft and fresh makeup and hairstyle. She’d be light and fresh, her makeup natural with a flirty tinge of youth in it. 

As she moved into Demeter, her style would become more feminine, quite a bit heavier and sensual, she would be flirty, sexy, yet seductive in a heady, womanly way. Seducing you with her strong feminine influence. 

After ovulation, moving into Persephone would be drastic, Sexy, strong, passionate, it would be an almost intimidating style would appear. Strenth and passion would be exuding from her. As she moved through Persephone, closer to Hecate, her style would lessen, and she would be darker in her makeup. 

And then, Hecate, a time when she would prefer no makeup at all. She would prefer her skin to be clear and not have anything on it at all. Her hair would be simple and relaxed.

I knew exactly what phase she was in, and she knew me. She could tell my style changed, not as obvious but still enough to show her where I was in my cycle. 

I encouraged my clients to chart this too, and many of them noted how the change influences them, helped them to embrace the phase and work with their bodies. 

And this is commonly researched. Many studies show that around ovulation (Demeter), women spend more time on their hair and makeup. We tend to be more feminine and seductive in our choices around ovulation. This makes sense as our bodies (albeit subconsciously) are looking to attract a mate, so we change the way we look to suit.

You can use your cycle to guide you in decisions throughout your month. Why not try to play with your cycle. I encourage you to change your makeup and hairstyle to match the cycle you are in. Be a little playful, emerge in your phases and allow the strengths of each phase to come out.

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