So you have a cupboard FULL of clothing, yet some days you can stand in front of it and SWEAR you have NOTHING to wear!

We all know the moments. One day we can pop on an outfit, stand in front of the mirror and feel smokin’ hot! We go out and work every room we are in. Nothing can stop us! You really feel spectacular.

Then ONE WEEK LATER, you pop on that VERY same outfit, stand in front of the mirror….and cry!!! But when you stop and think about it, nothing has changed…you haven’t put on 10 kilos, you haven’t changed your hair style or grown an extra arm!

The ONLY thing that is different – is where you are in your cycle.

As women we journey through four distinct phases each month. These phases impact everything about us, our emotions, our physical health, our energy levels, our food cravings, our patience and compassion levels….AND the way we view ourselves.
By understanding the four phases you may recognise a difference in how you dress, why you choose the clothing you do and why you feel so different week to week.

‘Daphne’ is around day 5 to 12 of your cycle; you have just finished menstruating, so you are feeling less bloated and more energised. This time of the month you may find yourself in tighter fitting clothing – you may even be back in white jeans! Lighter, fresher, more bright and bubbly may be what you are attracted too, whether that is in your clothing or just a clip or ribbon in your hair. You may be in more sporty types of styles, allowing you to get moving!

Days 13 to 16 are around ovulation and you move into a more feminine phase. This phase ‘Demeter’ for some, you may find you are attracted to more floral patterns, others more natural fibres, but overall you are feeling pretty awesome! A study conducted in 2012, women around their ovulation phase wear more cosmetics and were drawn to shades of pink and red lipstick more than in any other phase of their menstrual cycle.

The next phase , around day 17 to 26 is ‘Persephone’ and she is a cracker of a phase! You are starting to feel fuller in the boobs, you look amazing, and you know it! For some, Persephone can be a little more sensual, wearing fabrics that feel magnificent on your own skin (you really don’t care what others think much!), you may wear darker tones, lower cut styles. You are really revealing in all that is you!

‘Hecate’ is the phase surrounding menstruation. It’s a time when you may go for clothing that feel less firm. Some find they are wearing ‘old favourites’, ones that never see the light of day at any other time of the month! Your undies may look more like ‘Bridget Jones knickers’ and less like tooth floss.

So how does this help you to know this? 

Well one thing, you hopefully won’t throw out your entire wardrobe because you can’t find anything to wear!

It will give you an understanding of how you are feeling in your own skin and you can support yourself better. Building a stronger sense of self-confidence and self-esteem.

Clothing is one of the many ways to engage with your cycle. By learning about your cycle you can identify which phase you are in and then work with the power of each phase. Embrace what comes from within each day and give yourself the space to be the best you.

Emgoddess is a program that you to identify what each phase looks like for you, and gives you some tools to embrace each phase and support yourself through how you are feeling. Learn more by jumping onto and register for the how to chart workshop to learn how to find how your style changes throughout the month.