I LOVE Self-Care days…but did you ever think that the self-care activities should change depending on where you are in your cycle?  


Our menstrual cycle is the most powerful internal tool we have. It guides us on so many decisions and allows us to tap into strengths throughout each phase of the month. So, why would we not nurture the strengths of each phase by changing the way we spend our time out?

Let’s look at the 4 phases and how best to nurture your body through each phase:

Daphne – day 6 to 12 – This phase is about getting things done. Your self-care ritual could be allowing yourself some time to plan and design your month ahead. Sit in a space with your journal and colouring in pencils. Write your goals, design your life and then sit and visualise. Spend some time meditating and visualising your future and how you look it in. 

Demeter – day 13 to 17 – This phase is around ovulation, and this phase is a little notorious for being a giver. This phase is common for you to be there for others, communication is one of your major strengths in this phase and you can feel a little drained. You feel amazing in this phase and may find you have pushed yourself a little hard. So around this phase, take some time to sit in nature, lay on a blanket and look up into the clouds, breathe the air and feel the space around you. If you are feeling particularly loving, maybe spend some time doing some of your favourite baking. 

Persephone – day 18 to 28 (or until your next period) – This phase has a bad reputation, around PMS, you can be feisty, frustrated and a little impatient. But remember, this is the creative phase, one of passion and delight! So allow yourself some self-care in the creative space. Paint, draw, dance, sing, write, build, or bake…. whatever it is that allows you to feel free and fun. 

Hecate – day 1 to 5 – This phase is during menstruation, so you may find the need to do a little extra self-care. Give yourself some time, and space. Allow yourself to refill the cup, breathe deeply and sleep. Yes, sleep. This is a wonderful time to keep things simple, simple foods, skincare, rituals, Don’t overcomplicate your life. Just breathe. 

Do you know what phase you are in? And how the 4 phases can assist you to tap into wonderful results in your life? 

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