When I say ‘Christmas parties!’ does it conjure up joyful and playful images and gets you a little excited? Or do you want to lock your door and pretend you didn’t get the invite?

Well, the truth is, depending on where you are in your cycle will influence your reactions to some extent. 

So here are a few tips depending on where you are in your cycle: 


  • Get your party hat on and get ready for some fun!
  • Daphne is a time for fun and laughter, you have a great energy about you and people will want to party with you. 
  • Be careful not to burn out! You can ‘go a little hard’ in this phase


  • Party, Party, Party
  • This phase you are the master hostess, you will be able to entertain and delight
  • This phase you tend to be a wonderful communicator and will enjoy having the company of others
  • Be aware, this is a phase where our brains can seek some reward – and if the reward is in the form of alcohol, be careful of how much you consume


  • This phase you can get creative! Enjoy
  • You may find you have less patience and you can find yourself a little feisty, so make sure you have time to rest between parties! 
  • PMS symptoms can worsen with alcohol consumption, so make sure you take it a bit easy
  • Watch the chocolate and sweets consumption here too, the cravings for something sweet combined with an abundance of party food on display can lead to drastic results!


  • Party-Schmarty…..really ‘do I HAVE to go?’ can be the attitude, so maybe pick and choose ab bit in this phase. 
  • Take your time, choose parties that have the company you REALLY enjoy, where you feel comfortable and you can feel relaxed. 
  • Maybe give it a miss and go enjoy asleep! 

Knowing which phase you are in can help you create an attack plan for your party season. Know when you are going to party hard and when you might want an early exit. And enjoy the silly season, rather it turning out a bit messy. 

Empower yourself with the knowledge of your body and use it as your secret weapon to get through this holiday party season.