Like me, I am sure you have had this experience….

You pop on an outfit, it fits like a glove…. your makeup is perfect, the lipstick can’t be a brighter shade of red! Your hair and skin feel amazing! You walk out and hit the town and feel a trillion dollars.

Wow…. what a night….

Then only a week or so later…you put on that same outfit…and it fits more like a size smaller dress! Your make up is looking a little trashy and you’d prefer a natural or nude colour on your lips.

What went so wrong?

NOTHING! You haven’t changed anything, you are still the same size as last week, you still have the same hair colour, you are using the same products and you haven’t changed anything so dramatically you can see…. the ONLY thing that has changed, it where you are in your cycle!

You see, during the month the biochemical changes in your body changes so much in your body. There are different times where your skin feels amazing, radiant, glowing even! And most of us already know this. We have times when are skin is looking great, and then as we get closer to our period, we sometimes can get break-outs.

However, there are other chemical influences happening influenced by our cycle.

A research study from Nicolas Gueguen, published in The Psychological Record in 2012 showed that around ovulation (when you are most fertile), women reported to have an increase in appearance-related products, compared to later in the cycle around the pre-menstrual phase. So, we a more conscious about our appearance. Another study by Duranti, Li and Hasleton (2018) reported women preferred clothing that was more revealing and sexier.

So, don’t panic when sometimes your reach for that cherry red shade of lipstick and the next time the simple lip gloss. Don’t toss your favourite outfit from last week because it doesn’t fit the same.

It all depends where you are in your cycle, what phase you are in. Instead work with it. Learn more about how the changes influence your life and how to use these changes to support each day rather than leaving you upset or confused.

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Photo credit: gabriel-silverio-221749-unsplash