Just because I chat about periods and menstruation a lot, doesn’t mean I am never surprised by what happens.
I knew my period was coming today, the last couple days I have been on edge, a bit fragile emotionally. Physically, I have had tender breasts and I was feeling cramping overnight. All symptoms many of us can relate too.
I woke this morning and knew my periods were coming this morning. I thought I’d get up, make a cup of tea and then head to the bathroom.
Only a few steps from my bed, dressing gown thrown around me, I felt the most extraordinary feeling. One of gushing blood down my legs! I thought I’d severed an artery high in my thigh!
Taking a breath, I headed straight for the bathroom where I began to rush to clean up the ‘unsightly’ state I was in. My husband asked if I was ok, as I was a bit speedy getting to the bathroom – a sight not normal for me in the morning!
I was about to say ‘nothing, it’s ok’ and I stopped. The truth is, if I can’t even stop menstrual shame in my own head, and in my own home – what’s the chance of stopping it world-wide!!
So I told him. I explained exactly what happened and how the amount that gushed out so quickly took even me by surprise. Sure, he looked a little regretful he had asked the question, and a tad paler in colour, but he took it fine.
The truth is he was absolutely fine. It doesn’t have to be dinner table conversation, we don’t have to sit and talk hours about the impact it has and why it is such an amazing part of a woman’s life. But I also want to be able to say truthfully what happened, as one day, if this happens to my daughter, I want her to be in a safe environment too.
So I am going to try a few things, why not join me?
• When you have your period, just mention it to the family. Very casually and move on with your conversation, and
• When you go to the bathroom, don’t roll up your pad so small no one can see it, just walk to the bathroom with it sitting in your hand.
I bet the world won’t come to an end.
Let’s stop menstrual shaming.

Photo by Gus Ruballo on Unsplash