In earlier blog posts we discussed three of the four phases of our cycle and how you can use this information to get the best out of your days (for previous blogs go to )

The final phase surrounds menstruation. This phase commencing one or two days before menstruation and continuing for its duration.

Why do we call this phase Hecate?

Hecate is known as the goddess of crossroads, with control over birth, life and death. She dwelt in the Underworld—the resting place of the dead—although her powers extended elsewhere. Often portrayed as a wise old woman, all-seeing and all-knowing, Hecate could look in all directions, the past, present and even the future.

The Greek goddess Hecate was the only one of the Titans who Zeus allowed to retain authority once the Olympians had defeated them. She was the guardian of the households and the protector of all that was newborn. This goddess was once highly revered and had great influence in the pantheon. Zeus only allowed Hecate to share the power of giving mortals anything she wished, or the power to withhold it.

The Greek goddess Hecate is a goddess who helps us make transitions and new beginnings, especially ones that were not planned. As a magical goddess at home in the spirit world, she helps keep us in touch with our spiritual selves.

Hecate in Emgoddess

Like Hecate, this phase is one of darkness, intuition and internal reflection. Hecate’s energy levels are low: she likes to withdraw, to slow down and rest comparatively more at this time of the month. Hecate’s energies are inwardly focused.

She doesn’t yearn company or socialising now, preferring to spend the time reflecting on life and its directions. Hecate interacts with her dreams, allowing her mind to run wild with wonderful thoughts and images. Although withdrawn, Hecate’s phase should not be seen as negative.

In Hecate there is a sense of acceptance and inner strength. Your inner Hecate has the ability to really re-assess what is going on in life. Everyday tasks can sometimes seem mundane. She may find it harder to concentrate, be slower thinking: indeed, a little illogical or even chaotic in her thoughts at times.

Now is not the time to make rash decisions: it is the time to sit and look at what is happening in all aspects of life (work, relationships, friends, family and health), to consider what is worth keeping and what can be let go.

At this time of the month, Hecate intuitively recognises the patterns underlying the cycle of nature. Her consciousness of bleeding encourages an open awareness of her body. Your inner Hecate may need to not only express deep feelings of love and romance but to feel and see these reciprocated.

Comfort is the main focus for Hecate. In clothes, Hecate turns to old faithfuls — easy-to-wear or free-flowing, loose-waisted skirts and dresses. Favoured colours are black to indicate a time of withdrawal, red signifying bleeding and purple to express her more mysterious nature.

The bold bright lipstick worn for last week’s night out stays in the handbag. Physically you could have cramping and generally don’t feel like yourself. This is due to lower hormone levels in your body. The cramps are caused by chemicals called prostaglandins, which your body produces to encourage contractions in your uterus so the lining will shed.

You can have feelings of nausea, diarrhoea, vomiting and even flu-like symptoms. This time of the month is best spent reconnecting with yourself: take long indulgent baths with a wonderful blend of essential oils or book a relaxing facial massage. You may be attracted to simple foods, fruit and vegetables rather than fatty foods or takeaway.

You may crave foods that don’t ordinarily attract you.

Being a more anti-social time, saying ‘no’ to too many activities or social events is a good start. Sport can feel harder at this time of the month, running 5 km in 25 minutes may seem easy at sometimes of the month, yet a huge stretch when in Hecate.

How you can use Hecate to your benefit…

Breathe. Ensure you have enough time to get through your tasks and then enough time to rest. Listen to your body.

Spend some time taking a look back at your month. This is a great time to look at your previous months charts and see what worked for you and maybe what didn’t. How was your eating, exercise, energy levels and emotions?

Hecate is a powerful and intuitive phase, tap into these qualities for yourself, doing this will help you to build a stronger self-esteem and a healthy self-awareness.