Ever wonder why you wake up brimming with energy one day, but then on other days can’t shake off a brain fog no matter how many cups of caffeine you chug?

Our menstrual cycle impacts so much of our lives. It can impact how we feel about ourselves, and others. It impacts our creativity, patience even risk levels. Research has shown it can even impact the clothing choices and what colour lipstick we choose!

And it impacts our energy levels throughout the month. Learning about your Empowerment Cycle will show you can plan your week or month better by syncing up high-intensity activities with high-energy days and low-intensity activities with low-energy days. Here’s what you can expect from your energy levels each week of your cycle:

Week 1: Slow and steady

Day 1 (first day of period) to Day 5

Many of us would already understand the how the first few days of your period can be a real drain on your energy levels. This is due to the low estrogen and testosterone levels, as well as the lack of iron from menstruation. Combine this with the pain some of us experience of menstrual cramps and you can see why energy may be low. During this week you may feel tired and withdrawn. Make sure you allow time to rest.

Week 2: Take it ON
Day 6 to Day 13

This phase shows a steady increase in estrogen and testosterone bringing with it a boost of energy. Now you can speed through tasks faster, tackle mentally or physically challenging project with more ease, stay up late and get up early (or pull an all-nighter) and generally push the limits of whatever you want to do.

If you have goals to write, or a new project to start, this is the time to do it!

Week 3: The Great Communicator

Day 14 to 16 (the around ovulation)

High levels of estrogen and a short spike in testosterone leaves you more optimistic, social and motivated this week. This phase brings an ability to communicate with others. Energy levels are up and steady, you are feeling great physically and emotionally.

Go with it!

Week 4: Powerful and passionate
Days 17 to 28 – a longer stretch
This is the phase that gets a bit of a bad reputation. Known commonly as the ‘moody cow’ phase for some.

But a sudden and steep dip in estrogen, coupled by a rise in progesterone slams the brakes on your energy levels. The first couple of days still feels similar to the previous phase, but then the drop comes and you are feeling a lot less resilient.

But these changes in hormones allows you to steady on, making chores and working through a list all good tasks for this phase. You are highly creative at this time too!

The next step is to identify what your energy levels look like for you using a simple charting method. Start charting your cycle by downloading your free chart at www.emgoddess.com.au