I love to use aromatherapy to enhance my meditation and mindfulness practice. Essential oils can help you to calm down, relax or create a atmosphere of space. Here are my top oils for supporting your practice:

  1. Frankincense – one of the most sacred essential oils, Frankincense has been traditionally used for rituals and ceremonies for centuries. I find it to calm me down, deepen my breathing and support my soul.
  2. Sandalwood – this beautiful oil fills me with strength, it feels like it has a deep healing property that strengthens my mind and practice.
  3. Lavender – used commonly to relax and sedate, this oil is a favorite to calm you down and allow the mind to settle.
  4. Patchouli – I am sure you have all smelt the essence of patchouli when you walk into a meditation store. It’s deep and beautiful notes calms the nerves and evokes a beautiful space to meditation.

I have created a beautiful blend of oils with Perfect Potion, called Hecate. This blend combines all of the oils above with a few extras to round it to a perfect blend for calming and slowing you down.

Use a few drops in your diffuser while you meditate or do your mindfulness practice. I pop a drop onto a tissue and place it in front of me while taking some time out to do my charting process.