Today is the third quarter of the moon and according to Yasmin Boland’s Moonology, this Moon phase can be awkward. She says it is the halfway point between the wonder of the Full Moon and the potential of the New Moon. On some level, we know that what didn’t work for us in the past has dissolved on an etheric level. It’s time to re-orientate ourselves.

She continues to say although we might feel tired during this part of the cycle, this is no time to stop, or to rest on our laurels.

This moon phase is remarkably similar to the emotions felt during the Persephone phase of our cycle. Persephone is the premenstrual phase (or luteal phase). In this phase, it is good to ask yourself what the message is in any challenges you face now.

There can be tension, and the need to make a change, of course, maybe called for. Let go. Be creative and allow yourself time to create new opportunities.

If you have a period and you are in Persephone, you may notice this phase can bring out passion, creativity in both a positive and frustrating way. If you don’t have a cycle, and you are charting with the moon, you may be able to tap into the energy of this moon phase. Whatever the situation is for you, ensure you are looking at this energy, dig into the creative flow of this Persephone phase and make any adjustments or changes required in your life.