When you understand the story of the Greek Goddess Demeter, you start to understand the energy and influences you experience in this phase. This phase surrounds your ovulation.

Demeter was the goddess of agriculture, grain, harvest and of fertility. The Earth Mother, Demeter has long been associated with human fertility. Hades, the Greek god of the Underworld, abducted Demeter’s daughter, Persephone, to take her as his wife. Demeter was shattered.

She searched in vain for Persephone, her sorrow so great. For nine days, she denied herself all food, drink, and comfort. Demeter cursed the earth and harvest and the following year, no seed sprouted, no barley grew in the fields. The mortals were doomed to famine and eventual destruction if Demeter did not lift her curse. A compromise was reached with Hades: Persephone was allowed to return to Demeter for two-thirds of the year, but the remaining third of the year would be spent with her husband.

Demeter was joyous and the earth began to swiftly recover its vitality and became fertile again. To this day, when Persephone is with Hades, the earth is wracked by the sorrow of her mother (winter). But, when Persephone returns from The Underworld to walk the earth again, Demeter pours forth the blessings of spring to welcome her beloved daughter home.

Like the goddess Demeter, this phase is one of motherly love, selflessness and practicality. Demeter is nurturing, loving and accepting of everything around her. She is non-judgemental and extremely protective about the giving and receiving of love.

She has a strong sense of self-worth and is happy, content and competent. Demeter is softly feminine and radiates love. A people magnet, friends gravitate to her for her warmth, understanding (even some good advice).

Men may flock to her for her womanly, motherly essence. Demeter has stamina and endurance with the capabilities to continue and nourish the exciting ideas created in the Daphne phase, recognising the responsibilities that are needed to complete the tasks. It is a time to be careful when playing sport. Research has found that women’s knee joints tend to be looser during ovulation, which can make you vulnerable to an anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injury.

The Demeter phase is the perfect time to host a dinner party at home. Your inner Demeter happily wants to spend more time at home, with friends entertaining, or beautifying your home and garden. You also may feel drawn to sitting under a tree in a park, appreciating nature. While Demeter’s dress style is less frilly and girly than Daphne’s, she is very much all-woman. She opts for stylish flowing garments that accentuate her curves and she’s not afraid to show a little cleavage! As the Earth Mother, she opts for more natural fibres and earthy colours; even ethnic styles.

She walks with a sway in her hips and scents her body with a heavier, more floral or earthy, perfume. Her accessories would be more likely in the form of a carryall handbag with everything from headache tablets, tampons or pads (even though she doesn’t need them at this time of the month!), to hairclips and writing paper.

The Demeter phase emphasises nourishing, sustaining and giving. It is a time to both give and receive love. Demeter’s sensuality blossoms into an experience of deep love and sharing. Although this phase is often filled with joy and love, some women experience a dip or ‘down day’ in the middle of this phase.

Research has shown the reason. As human beings, we are here to procreate. When females ovulate, the body prepares for the egg to be fertilised: we’re keyed to ‘get pregnant’. In the 21st century, this may well be the last thing many of us want to do but it is how our bodies are wired. Once the opportunity to become pregnant has passed, we can experience a hormonally driven ‘down’ day. And this may just be why.

Enjoy this phase, be aware as it is a time where you can be less risk adverse, so you may spend that extra bit of cash, or make some risky decisions you may normally steer away from. This is a great time of the month, to work with people, bring out the best in others.

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