You may have heard of many different types of coaches. You can get a running coach to improve your running performance, a business coach to improve the results of your business, life coaches can help you re-access your life path and how you can get it achieving more for you, or you can even get a meditation coach to help you get more out of your meditation and mindfulness practices.

But have you ever considered a Menstrual Cycle Coach?

Well, in some ways it is a little bit of all of them!

Menstrual cycle coaching helps to identify a number of areas in your world, it helps to improve sports performance, knowing when you are best to push yourself, when you have better hand-eye coordination, when you are more prone to injury and when you should be taking more time for recovery or stretching. Cycle coaching looks at many areas of your life, including risk appetite, focus, energy levels, communication and performance. It combines awareness of your cycle with mindfulness practices, helping you to boost self-esteem and results in your world.

What does working with a menstrual coach look like?

Most of my clients work with me for a 4-week program. This program is broken into simple stages of learning your cycle.

  1. What is happening in YOUR cycle, we go through a full consultation form, as an aromatherapist, I create a blend you use at home each day. Each session you will receive a new blend
  2. Learning the cycle – the four phases of the cycle, what each phase looks like, what is happening in each phase and what to look for
  3. Learn how to chart – you will learn the step-by-step process of charting your cycle – each session we look at the types of things you are charting and refine your charting method
  4. How to use this information to improve performance and results¬† – this is the key, it’s all good understanding your cycle, but now you need to use it as the powerful performance tool it is.

Your cycle impacts so much about your life, the way you take care of yourself, your diet, stress, even sleep are all factors that your cycle impacts. This is why it is so powerful when you understand and then embrace the power of your cycle.

Time to reconnect to your body and allow it to support you naturally, through the strengths that appear throughout the month. Time to channel them and improve your daily performance. Time to connect with Sharon. To start working with Sharon send an email and get started today.