Recently someone asked me about how I got into this work (the work of talking passionately about the amazing benefits of the menstrual cycle that is), and what my first experience of periods was for me.


It was awful.

I remember being around 15 when I got my first period, I remember feeling so mortified and embarrassed about the whole experience. I sat on the floor in my bedroom leaning on my bed, crying, listening to my mum tell one of my older sisters over the phone, that I finally got my periods.

I can’t remember any of the conversation. I can’t remember if it was kind, or pity or what. I just remember being so sad, ashamed, like my world was now bad.

I don’t remember why I thought this.

My mum never spoke about periods or menstrual cycles, so I don’t remember why I felt so bad, but I did. I really did. I was MORTIFIED.

And I never spoke of them again.

Fast forward 10 years and I was living in London privileged enough to be studying aromatherapy at then, one of the finest aromatherapy colleges – The Tisserand Institute.

The lecturer mentioned flippantly one day about how cycles impact women so deeply and if you understand your cycle it can make a huge difference. She mentioned a couple of books and left it at that.

As fate would have it, I went into a New Age bookstore that weekend and there in front of me were 2 of the titles she mentioned. I was meant to read them.

And this knowledge changed my life.

I am serious.

It changed my life. Why are we not taught this power?

25+ years later, I am now desperate to share this knowledge with every woman in the world.

This content is easy to learn, it is powerful and can be used in every aspect of your life. It’s fun and it’s yours.

Join me in this knowledge, open the doors to new knowledge about how you can be guided by the most powerful tool you will ever own – your menstrual cycle.

Menstrual cycles aren’t bad, or shameful, and shouldn’t make you feel sad.

Start your journey with The Empowerment Cycle. Embrace the power of your cycle and emerge a stronger, happier and more peaceful version of you.