Last week, I effectively DELETED MY ENTIRE DATABASE. Yep, my ENTIRE DATABASE. 11,000 + people, gone, completely, forever!

Now anyone is small business may understand how hard it is to develop a database of any size, but to lose 11,000 people – and be left with ZERO, was not the best feeling.

But something very weird happened.

I was calm.


Reflective even.

I thought, oh well, I have done it now, nothing more to do. Instead I thought maybe it was time to clean up the database and refresh the way I was communicating. I wasn’t really happy with my email communication and thought that this would be a good way of starting a fresh – a perfect thing to do in Daphne.

I rang my bestie and I told her what I had done, not straight away, a few days later. She was speechless. She had known me for more than 25 years and has never seen me so calm and seemingly ok facing such a small business disaster.

I now know this reaction is a result of the combination of my meditation and mindfulness, combined with the fact that I knew I was in a phase when these sorts of things can happen.

And it is here where we can reap the power of understanding our cycle and mindfulness.

Over time I have introduced daily meditation, I use my Emgoddess chart to reflect for a few minutes each day and I reflect on my mood. I use these tools to bring a calm and peace to my life and I try to use this with my work and my relationships.

I knew I was in Daphne, FULL BLOWN Daphne.

What does FULL BLOWN Daphne look like you ask?

Well it looks like someone who is focused and driven to get things done, who really wants stuff done at my pace and in Daphne – that means quickly. This is a phase for me where I can really drive through actions. I love this phase as it really spurs me on and I really do get so much done, I have a lot of energy and endurance and I can seemingly go for hours on end and not feel tired or flat.

But like everything there is a Yin and Yang side – and Daphne’s ‘downside’ can be a lack of consideration when doing things and maybe even being a little rash.

How do you think you would go if you lost your entire database? Want to see if you could deal with things like this better? Then join me to understand you cycle.

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