I am constantly sharing how if we just embraced our cycle and looked at the good parts of each phase, it would be something that men would actually envy! Imagine having a tool that told you when you had the best chance of getting results, when you have the most energy, when you are best to think logically and methodically, and when you best to reassess life and make new changes.

I AM SURE if men had access to a tool that told them all of this, they would use it to the benefit. They would understand it, attend courses, read more, and truly utilise this internal tool so they can be better leaders, more successful in their careers or sport and to ensure they are getting the best results in their world.

So it begs the question…..Why don’t women do this?

You have a tool that shows you when you have the most eneregy, enabling you to know your most productive days – the days when you can smash through a heap of work. It also tells you when you are most likely to take risks but it is also a time when you are most influencial, able to influence others and rally the troops. This tool guides you when you would work best through methodically working through a list, with high detail and expansive creativity. And tells you when you are at your most intutitive and practical.

Can you see how this information would assist you in your work, study, relationships, sport? I do.

Each day when you listen to your body through Emgoddess you can discover the power you have TODAY. Each day brings with it something positive and powerful and ONLY women have this ability to tap into.

Emgoddess shows you how and identify the strengths within your cycle, how to look for them in your cycle and then how to use this information really make the most out of your body.

Start the first day of your journey to discovering the power of your cylce, my online course allows you to step through learning about your cycle, how to chart your cycle, what the four phases are of your cycle and then how to use your cycle to get the best results for your life! http://emgoddess.thinkific.com/courses/the-empowerment-cycle