Why is it that sometimes you can manage with ease all the things that the world throws at you, embracing challenges with open arms while at other times, you either want to run away and hide, or fall into an emotional heap? It is not because you are weak, crazy or incapable of coping: it’s because you are in a particular phase of an amazing journey.

This journey is not only every few years when you change from baby to child, from child to teenager and adolescent to adult, but occurs every week. Our bodies are amazing creations, physically working in complex ways that demand respect. Our emotional self works in elaborate ways too and yet often is neglected, ignored; admonished. You may only be aware of the ‘aggressive and moody’ phase, commonly described as pre-menstrual tension (PMT).

The truth is there are times when you are independent and strong, concerned and motherly, passionate and aggressive, and rested and inward. The changes may be subtle but they will be there. And you don’t necessarily need to have a ‘period’ or menstrual cycle to experience this. The Emgoddess model is the result of years of study and consultation. And yes, I was my own guinea pig! I started charting my cycle back when I was a young aromatherapist, spurred on by a lecturer who had mentioned a connection between the menstrual cycle and essential oils used for its different conditions.

The more I read, the more I discovered. The more I charted, the more I noticed. I discovered four distinct phases each month. These phases impact everything about us: energy levels, mood, physical health, personal interactions and relationship; right down to the clothing we wear and the make-up we use. And in every one of these, there were features about me I really liked.

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