So the phase that has the bad reputation is the pre-menstrual phase around day 17 to day 28 of your cycle. And sure this phase has it’s challenges, but this is a phase with the great ability to methodically get through tasks, kick on with projects you started earlier in the month and express your creativity!

Why do we call this phase Persephone?

Persephone is Demeter’s daughter, was wife of Hades, the god of the Underworld. Although Hades had abducted her, Persephone grew to love him. But she loved her mother also and had seen how distraught Demeter was when Persephone had moved to the underworld. While a deal enabled Persephone to live between the two worlds, Persephone’s loyalties were torn between her mother, her husband and herself. She was a good and loving daughter but she had tasted the fruits of sensuality and lust. When Persephone found out that Hades was having an affair with the nymph Minthe, she sought revenge and Minthe was the object of Persephone’s wrath. She furiously kicked and kicked Minthe. The gods intervened, transforming Minthe into a mint plant: every time Persephone trod on the plant, it released a delicate minty scent.

Persephone in Emgoddess

Like Persephone, this phase is full of passion and emotion. As you get closer to your period, progesterone and estrogen levels drop, which can cause mood changes, leaving Persephone incredibly intense with somewhat irrational and passionate outbursts. Her selfassuredness and unpredictability can make her scarily attractive! This is not a woman to be messed with. Persephone has an animal magnetism that allows her to play with sexual prowess, taking joyous pleasures of the flesh and being decadent in her hedonism. This time of sensuality is more direct; raw and commanding, rather than flirtatious. This phase can be an effective time to complete necessary tasks at hand. It is also a time for a second wind, created from passion. Whatever was discovered in Daphne and nurtured but not moved in Demeter, Persephone kicks along once again, driven by her passion. But she’s vulnerable, aware of the dark and light aspects of her personality at this time. Persephone is exhausted, drained physically and emotionally: her body needs rest. She is sensitive and feisty to all around her, quick to get frustrated and agitated. Persephone’s sensuality and sexuality are expressed through creative outlets. Now is the time to draw on your inner goddess for ideas, music, painting or writing. Take time to sit and read too. In this phase, you may find you experience very vivid colourful dreams as you sleep; you may daydream more too.

Persephone dresses in darker colours and soft, sensual fabrics, her clothing emphasising sensuality and desirability (for example, low-cut fitted tops, skirts with long side splits). She wears beautiful, slightly naughty, underwear that no one else can see. Dark eye make-up, rich red lipstick and intoxicating perfume are all the order of the day. Persephone looks sensational in everything, and she feels great about it. An initial rise in progesterone can cause your skin to produce more oil, making you pimple-prone. In your Persephone phase, you may find yourself eating chocolate and foods that provide a quick kick of energy. It is important to feed your body better than ever now, fuelling it with nourishment that will benefit you in the long run.

Photo by: brooke-cagle-1162071-unsplash