Have you ever changed your skin care regime to suit what day you are in your cycle? WHAT THE…you say!

You may be surprised to hear that you can actually get better results with your skin if you do.
Throughout your menstrual cycle your skin is impacted by the biochemical changes that occur in your body.

So what you should be aware of throughout your cycle.

In Daphne (days 6 to 12) your body is experiencing an increase in the hormone estrogen, one of the ‘feel good’ hormones, but it’s not only the emotions that it impacts, your skin loves it too. Increased oestrogen levels can reduce sebum secretions and stimulate collagen production therefore you are less prone to breakouts.  It is now you are likely to have the best skin. It is a great time to try new skin care products, exfoliate and use a mask.

Remember a reduction in sebum secretion can mean your skin feels a little on the dry side, so ensure you moisturise.

As you move into Demeter (days 13 to 16) is when you are generally feeling at your peak. It’s around ovulation, you have plenty of oestrogen and progesterone in your body and energy levels and mood is elated. Feeling great.

It’s proven that this is a phase of our cycle where we like to take a few risks, so take one this month and give a product a go. This phase is normally one when you look vibrant and have a ‘healthy glow’ about you (not the pregnant healthy glow….but be careful at this time of the month or you could be having that one!). This is definitely a great time to trial new skin care products.

This really is a great time to maintain great skin, but some women experience the odd breakout due to the high levels of estrogen. So keep this in mind and adjust your skin regime to suit if you need.

Moving into Persephone (day 17 to 28) your skin can be a little tricky. As your experiencing escalating progesterone levels which encourages the production and secretion of higher amounts of sebum. This also impacts an increase in temperature during this phase which, combined with excess oil can contribute to breakouts and problem skin.

This is a time to keep it simple. I often will use a few drops of tea tree or lavender essential oil. Make sure you keep your skin clean, use pure products that will help to settle the skin rather than aggravate it.

Finally as you move into Hecate (day 1 to 5 in your cycle) like much else at this time, your skin can tend to feel flat and dull! It is impacted by a decrease in temperature and sebum secretions during your period, your blood circulation will slow down and your skin may appear slightly dull and dry.
Avoid trying new products and focus on the basics of skin care, cleaning the skin with a gentle natural based cleanser, and moisturising your skin allowing it some time to heal and soothe.

Using a simple cold pressed oil like apricot kernel or even better jojoba oil, would be a great choice. Jojoba is said to have a similar molecular composition to sebum, replicating our skin’s natural oil, allowing it to be absorbed well by the skin.

Remember your body is impacted by what you put into your body and what you use on your skin. I always recommend using products based on organic ingredients and pure essential oils and flower extracts to get the best results.

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Start using the information you have easiest access to, your body!

Much love,