The Empowerment Cycle encourages a form of mindfulness. You are taking time to sit and think about how you feel physically and emotionally.

Is your body sore, tender or powerful and flexible? Are you happy, full of energy, calm and cantered, passionate and powerful, or inward and reflective? It is a few minutes to sit and listen to your body, then the act of colouring in your chart secures the process.

What colours are you drawn too today, do you even want to chart today? How much do you want to write or do you want to leave it completely blank?

Just being aware of these different feelings and emotions all add to the process of mindfulness. And there are many known facts to the benefits of mindfulness. Mindfulness is considered a key element to fighting stress.

An entire stress reduction program, with decades of experience and tens of thousands of practitioners, is an excellent indication that mindfulness works. There have been numerous studies backing up the idea that mindfulness reduces stress.

One study on present-moment awareness found that it facilitates an adaptive response to daily stressors .

Another study found evidence that mindfulness produced less avoidance and more approach coping as a response to stress than relaxation or self-affirmation controls. Mindfulness can also help alleviate stress by improving emotion regulation, leading to a better mood and better ability to handle stress.

Use your charting experience as a mindfulness task. Stop a moment, really tap into your body, use colour, shades, words, or symbols to describe how you are feeling.

Then after a few months learn how to use this information to guide your month. Make better decisions based on where you are feeling, and know what is coming ahead based on previous charts.

The Empowerment Cycle teaches you this and so much more, embrace who you are and best the best version of yourself.

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